Friday, 29 October 2010



Well, in order to make the blog quicker to load, I've taken off quite a few 'gadgets' and may even take off a few more! I've created a banner which I think conveys something of the purpose of the blog, or at least indicates something about its author.

For the sake of expediency, in order to focus future posts on what's current and interesting rather than having to write a background on the perspective I'm coming from, I've included some extra 'pages' that give some information as to who I am, the ecclesial tradition I am in and the secular congregation of clergy I belong to!  I certainly hope readers will avail themselves of the opportunity to understand a bit more about Old Roman Catholicism, though I intend of course to write more about it.

I've also decided to upload the Daily Mass video directly to here - it will automatically post it on Facebook - and am thinking of changing the Mass time to earlier in the morning, rather than at present Midday. Now that the Mass is archived and viewers tend to watch the archive rather than the live Mass, it would be easier for me to fit around pastoral work with an earlier Mass time, freeing the late morning and lunchtime for visiting. I'll begin this on Friday (9am) as again I have a last minute engagement at the Crematorium, though generally leave the hour as Midday for Mass on Saturday and Sunday.

I was 'added' today on Facebook to a group called the "Fellowship of Orthodox, Catholics and Anglican Christians" and an interesting discussion shortly ensued about the validity of Anglican Orders! No surprise there then! Quite naturally a ROCOR Western Rite priest responded directly with the usual reposte that "all of Orthodoxy" considers that all Sacraments outside of Orthodoxy lack the ability to convey Grace and anyway, "validity" is a Roman legalistic construct. Does anyone else perceive a sense of irony there is it just me?


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